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About Us

Changing the Game

Palm Oasis provides services and resources to efficiently run and maintain vacation rentals in South Florida. Whether you currently own a vacation rental or are seeking to invest in the South Florida market, Palm Oasis is here to do the heavy lifting for you.

Our services our powered with the help of our partners and vendors to ensure that our clients have as much taken off their plate as possible. We specialize in handling not just the real estate side of your investment but also the tedious and laborious work that comes along with all home ownership. 

Less stress, more success, and a profitable vacation destination you can call your second home.​


How it Works

with you the whole way through

Finding your Property

Every great vacation rental begins with a great property. Our affiliate realtors (who specialize in vacation rentals) are here to ensure a smooth, exciting, and informative home buying process. We are happy to provide our services to those who reside out of state and those who already own a home in the Fort Lauderdale area!

Preparing the Property

Once you have the keys to your new home, it is time to turn it into your dream vacation destination. Palm Oasis will provide you with everything necessary to properly prepare, design, furnish, and customize your new home to your liking. Once completed, we will put you in contact with our partner company Short Stay Florida who will walk you through everything necessary to create a legal vacation rental in South Florida.

Begin Earning

Now that your home is finally complete and ready to rent, it is time to put your investment to work! Short Stay Florida and Palm Oasis work together in a collaborative effort to provide you with all the necessary services to become a successful and profitable real estate investor in South Florida. The best part is, you don't need to be active, present, or on call to run your home like a five-star hotel. That what we are here for!

Time to Enjoy

You now own a profitable, hassle-free, and full service second home and it's time to relax. Whether you intend on visiting once a year or staying for seasons at a time, you can rest assured that you now have a slice of paradise waiting for you! Just inform us on the dates you plan on and vacationing and we will take care of the rest so you can walk into a clean, happy, and well-maintained home!


Behind the Scenes

Cole Plachter

Founder & CEO

Cole Plachter founded Palm Oasis with a vision to provide an investment opportunity that offers more than just a return on your capital. Cole has previous experience in real estate, the construction business, and the service industry. His mission was to create a company that utilizes the skills and knowledge of his prior experience to build a full-fledge real estate solutions company that can provide everything needed for anyone to become a successful real estate investor. Cole is a licensed Realtor in both Florida and Pennsylvania and is always happy to help interested investors get involved in the booming South Florida real estate market.

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