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About Us

Changing the Game

Palm Oasis provides a wide array of services to automate short-term rental investments across South Florida. Whether you currently own a vacation rental or seeking to break into the market, we are proud to offer a hands-off and exciting new approach to real estate investing.

The services we provide are powered by our network of partners and vendors. Our collaborative efforts allow us to be your one-stop-shop for vacation rental investments. Some of our services include...

- Real Estate Acquisitions/Sales

- Property Management

- Full-Service Interior Design

- Short-Term Rental Bookings

- Short-Term Rental Licensing

- and so much more!

You can rest assured that your asset is protected, profitable, and always ready for your personal vacation. We work with some of the best companies in the industry to make our claims a reality for all!

Less stress, more success, and a profitable vacation destination you can call your second home.​


How it Works

with you the whole way through

Finding your Property

Every great vacation rental begins with a great home. Our preferred Realtors® at the Short Stay Group are here to ensure a smooth, exciting, and informative property acquisition process. The Short Stay Group proudly provides its services to domestic and foreign investors. If you are seeking to sell, the Short Stay Group has a large inventory of qualified buyers to make your home sale as quick and seamless as possible!

Preparing the Property

Once you have the keys to your second home, it's time to turn it into your dream vacation destination. Palm Oasis will provide you with everything necessary to prepare appropriately, design, furnish and customize your new second home to your liking. Once complete, we will put you in contact with our partner company Short Stay Florida. They will walk you through everything necessary to create a legal vacation rental in South Florida.

Begin Earning

Now that your home is finally complete and ready to rent, it is time to put your investment to work! Short Stay Florida and Palm Oasis work together in a collaborative effort to provide you with all the necessary services to become a successful and profitable real estate investor in South Florida. The best part is, that you don't need to be active, present, or on-call to run your vacation home like a five-star hotel. That's what we are here for!

Time to Enjoy

Congratulations! You now own a profitable, hassle-free, and full-service second home! Now it's time for you to take some time off. Whether you intend on visiting once a year or staying for seasons at a time, you can rest assured that you now have a slice of paradise always ready for you! Just inform us of the dates you plan on vacationing and we will take care of the rest so you can walk into a clean, happy, and well-maintained home!


Behind the Scenes

Cole Plachter


Cole Plachter moved to Fort Lauderdale after recognizing the beauty, freedom, and opportunity that South Florida can offer to all people. Originally from Philadelphia, Cole founded Palm Oasis to bring these opportunities to those around the world. Licensed as a Realtor® in both PA and FL, Cole is able to provide investors and travelers alike with the knowledge, resources, services, and vendors to get them one step closer to a more financially secure and warm future.

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